“breeze,My sister knows,But my sister is really thinking.,My sister doesn’t want you to be difficult.。”

How often, Qin Su, I don’t want Li Hui, just her own,But that difficulty,She daresters。
The arguments of the surrounding folks have,Li Hui’s opposition,And she is a woman who is married, this identity,Li Hui is a college student. She is just a woman who has not finished ordinary high school.,No matter from any place, she feels that http://www.yizhehuo.cn she can’t match Li.。
Coupled with long-term inferiority,She feels that this decision is already the best decision.。
If she makes her marry a do not,Even if I gave her place,But she doesn’t love each other.,What kind of happiness she can’t think of such a life?,What happiness will there be。
But just, Li Hui, holding her moment.,She felt that Li Hui’s arms is her best destination.。
“Little Ya,Your heart, I understand,But it is because so, I can’t make you wrony.。”
Finish,Li Hui Hui is straight to go back to go back.。
Qin Su Ya still wants to say something,But but never said,Because she knows that there is no more to change the decision of Li Hui Feng.。
Looking at Li Hui’s firm back,Qin Su Yazhen feels that everything she just said is worthwhile.。
Wang Jing has been waiting for Li with the wind at http://www.365meiling.cn the door.,She feels good to educate her son.。
No matter from the future or now,Qin Su Ya and Zhou Miao are not as good as the color of the color.。
Far away,She saw Li Hui Feng。
Li Hui naturally also saw his mother。
“mom,Today, you are really going to pay.?”
“Yes,Not telling you.,I am very happy that my brother is very happy.。”
Originally Li Hui also hugged a luck,Listening this is straightforward。
“mom,Why don’t you tell me??
I am inappropriate with Zhou Miao.,Regardless of your family or character,I feel that we really are not suitable.,Moreover, people Zhou Miao seedling are not euphemistic to tell you that we are not suitable??
Why do you still go with people??”
“Stinky boy,Where is not suitable??
People’s girl is good,good temper,Family is still good,All stuck,You still want to?”
“I don’t want to look like,I want to be a relative,This is not fixed,I want to pay attention to Xiaoya.。”
Wang Jing will never think that Li Hui is really walking with Qin Su.。
I said that Qin Su Ya is a fox.,Hook the soul of the man,I don’t believe it.,But see your son.,She is just a lot of tribute.。
“This pro is set,To retreat yourself。”
“I will refund.。”
After that, Li Hui also picked up the phone directly, and dialed Zhou Miao’s phone number.。
Zhou Xiaomi didn’t expect that Li Hui Hui will call her at night.,I can’t help but happiness。
“Hey,what happened?
I miss me.?
Actually call me so late?”
I heard the cheerful sound of Zhou Miao.,Li Hui Feng, the powerful retracted discourse, all swallowed back。
“Never thought,Just ask you,Do you know that Zhou Shu is a matter of engagement with my parents??”
Zhou Miao listened to this,Suddenly I am sorry。
“嘻嘻 知道 知道,You are angry.?
We have to go to school.,This will be studying,Do you feel uncomfortable??
The most critical, I really don’t want to marry so early.,So I just said with my dad.,Gift us,After the kiss,And you promise me three things, but I have not finished.,If I have a dedication to you.,If you don’t pay the account??”
Li Hui listened to the words of Miao Miao in the phone,The whole person。

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