Lu Haozheng’s personality,Joe Yiyi will not have a good end,So she didn’t ask,Those thoughings。

“Miss。”Su Wei hugged in。
Blue Xinyu,“Is it a general??”Su Xi nodded:“Yes,She asked Miss how to think about it.,Jianghai half-mountain project is actually very good,Yanggui wants to let Miss judgment,When I asked him,He said like this。”
Blue Xin laughs,Pink small suit jacket,Lining her little face puff,Lake a different kind of charm。
“Yang Shu and Dad are so relieved.,I really didn’t dare to make a decision.,I have seen the plan and other drawings.。
this project,Not 5 or six years,All facilities cannot be perfect,Stay in five thousand people,Even with the supporting facilities,I think it is not so ideal.。”
Su Yanmiao,Lips rose,Two cute little tiger teeth,Particularly quiet,“Miss,This project is currently more optimistic about everyone.,There are many developers who are squeezed into this piece.。”Blue Xin laughs:“That is because the development project in the city is getting less and less.,So everyone develops to the city.。I think that place is very good except for the old age.,Didn’t see how big it is。”She may live in a family
Dad built the palace。
Su Xi wants to think,Repeatedly:“Do you want to see the real thing today?,I asked Yao Yao.,Your trip today is there.。”
Lan Xin nodded,“That’s going.,You let the ink dye come over,Let us start ten minutes later。”
“it is good,I contact Xu,He should be there。”
“Um!”Blue Xin packed up the information on the table,Give yourself a makeup。
Only called Lu Haocheng said that she is going out.。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,disagree,“Blue,I went to the company ten minutes later.,I am going with you.,I haven’t much thing I am in the afternoon.。”
Lan Xin did not fight with her,Don’t let him go,He is not at ease。
And with Lu Haozheng,Lu Haicheng will give her some opinions.。
More than ten minutes,Blue Xin took Su Qing directly to the garage and Lu Hao Cheng。
Go on a car,Ink dyeing car directly。
Blue Xin’s view of the window ,A sunny shining is on her body.,She is rich,Chu。
Lu Hao Cheng softly smiled,Take information in her hand。
Blue Xin looked at him,Some unhappy。
“Waiting to the place,Seeing the eyes on the car。”
“Oh!”Lan Xin did not defecate him ,Because of him,I don’t say anything.。
Her understanding,Just nothing wrong,She wants to look at it carefully.。
On the road, Su Wei and she explained the place where the information was not understood.,Lan Xin is also suddenly turned over.。
In the riverside slope,It has been four o’clock.,Some cold in the mountain,But she doesn’t deny,The environment here is really good。
Xu is also there,Blue Xin passed,He is very happy,I introduced it over again from the head to the end.,After listening to Blue Xin,Heartbreaking,But no decision ,She is going to go back to my father and talk at night.。
Lu Haocheng has no opinion,She likes it,He has money,As long as she is happy。
Lu Haoge’s idea she does not agree,You can’t get any money,She prefer people who need help。
Xu always does not urge her,Let her want to clear,There is still time now。
Gone,Xu always ask them to eat ,Blue Xin refused,She wants to see Su Sei Ming at night.,I can see him now.。
Go back to the company directly,Lu Haocheng took her to eat rice,Go directly to doctors。
Recently,She also pays attention to people around you,Never found,Who can I have been mastering her whereabouts?。
Lin Xiwei,It is not possible to know about her whereabouts.,She newly changed the phone,It is impossible to be mobile phone positioning。
Because of this,The first day of Blue Xin to work,Let the Journey to Ou Jing have been carefully found in her office area.,See if there is a buffer。
NS,She is some disappointed,Nothing found。
Blue Xin is completely,No clue。

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