“Big brother,We have eaten。”Ye Lin laughed and looked at Lin Feng Road:“Just waiting for you and Daxie。”

http://www.fy12365.cn “become,Xue Yin, we hurry。”Lin Feng put a piece of chicken legs in the bowl of Bei Xue Yin:“eat more,Cold cold also eat more。”In the speech, Lin Feng also put a piece of chicken leg and handed it to the night cold.。
“All said,Ate,Give you。”Night Qing Han Lin Lin Feng glance。
“Ye Lin,You see the big brother is quite just,This is quite good。”Dongxing smiled and pointed to Lin Feng Road。
“Oh,What you mean wants to find one?You are also just like big brothers.?”Ye Lin face cold,The temperature around suddenly decreased,This kind of cold breath makes Lin Feng, who is eating, feels cold.。
“Taiyin body!”Lin Feng this http://www.xiankezu.cn remembers,This gimmick is the body of too yin。
“how is this possible。”Dongxing touched a cold sweat and laughed。
“cough,Dongxing gives the emperor,Say I have something to find him,Things to talk about bets。”Lin Fenggan coughed with Dongxing。
NS447chapter Jinlong brother will speak
“Yes,Big brother,I am calling now.。”Dongxing Wen Yan hurriedly took out the mobile phone:“Big brother,How to say?”
“Call the phone,I am coming to him.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Ye Lin,You go to find a car with the cold and cold.。”
“Ok,Big brother,I put him.,Our car is parked in the distance。”Ye Lin, this is a smile on his face.,The surrounding temperature suddenly reduced a lot。
“I did not see it。”Lin Feng smiled and looked far away:“Dongxing,Hurry up。”
“knew,Big brother。”Dongxing directly dialed the phone,The voice of the http://www.tyysqczl.cn emotion of the cold ice is coming over there.。
“Let your big brother answer the phone,You still don’t match!”
“Don’t match your sister!”Dongxing took the phone cold and cold。
“Oh,There is a kind of,Lin Feng picks up the phone。”The phone came from the voice of the magic cold ice.。
“Demon,I look at you.,I don’t know if you can do this else’s length.。”Lin Feng took the phone directly from the hands of Dongxing.。
“what?Say!”The voice of the emblem is coming。
“Martial arts,White tiger!”Lin Feng smiled and said:“dare?I only look at you.。”
“White tiger?”Cool cold road:“Lin Feng,What do you use and me??This thing is available in the city,You let me look on it.,Shui Yin!”
“Demon,I repeat it.,If you insult the snow,I don’t mind, I will explode you.。”Lin Feng heard the face:“All right,Your white tiger is only quenching bones.,Others useless,I have a hidden martial arts, Buddha, Golden Lotus trials, three pieces!”
“Buddha angry Golden lotus test!”Devil’s words:“You dare to take three Buddha’s angry river lottery?”The existence of the Buddha’s angry Golden lotus trial is also very useful for the existence of the emperor.,And not one,Three pieces。
“good,I need a white tiger blood of the martial arts.,remember,Wu Dao nine heavy white tiger blood three small bottles。”Lin Feng heard the sound:“How do you mean??”
“Lin Feng,Wu Dao nine heavy white tiger,How much is this world??You are this essence of the sky.。”Cool cold road:“Two bottles,It is probably1l!”
“Demon,If you can win, you can win.,Don’t tell me this condition with me.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“You are afraid to lose to me,I add a millennium.,I think the value of a millennium blood group is enough to make up for it.,Know why I want to add,Because I will win!”
“I hope that you can say this when you come to God.,it is good,I promise you。”Cool cold road:“I can not wait anymore,Lin Feng, I will let you know the end of me.。”Said that the emperor did not directly happen.。
Lin Feng handed over the phone to Dongxing Road.:“Dongxing,First time,You come up with the midder Buddha angry.,do you know?”
“Big brother,You still don’t worry about me.,What rules I have never gone。”Dongxing laughs。
“Hold!”Lin Feng talking directly to the three Buddha angry Jinlian to handed it to Dongxing.。
“no,Big brother,It’s too much.。”Dongxing looked at three Buddha angry。
“just in case。”Lin Feng cold road:“Give me a death!”
“knew,Big brother!”Dongxing nodded,Immediately you are welcome,Directly from Lin Feng’s hand, three test products Buddha angry。
Half an hour later,Lin Feng and Bei Xueyin have dinner。
After Lin Feng,Belle,Night cold,Dongxing,Ye Lin drives away,The car driving in the night,Come to the front of a mountain,This mountain peak tower clouds,Mountain top lights brilliant。
Lin Feng,Belle,Night cold,Dongxing,Ye Lin five people get off,Then follow the mountain road to the mountains.,Several people climb1800The Mountain Road of the Mi came to the top of the mountain.。
The top of the mountain is cold。

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