“I don’t care,But if you can’t take this responsibility,So please don’t waste my time here,Do whatever you want,Hurry up, deal with him quickly。”。

Huang Lei said anxiously,He thinks he has said enough,He doesn’t look like a joke,The point is that the person in front of you still doesn’t seem to realize what’s wrong,When I looked at Huang Lei, I was more confused.,This makes Huang Lei a little puzzled。
“Do you two look at me like you are joking?Do you feel like you are joking?if not,Then please don’t waste time here,Hurry up and notify,Continue to notify,Speed,Don’t delay,You can’t afford to delay,This situation is worse than you think,It’s about your lady’s life!”
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Two Go to a crowded place
Huang Lei said nervously again。
But those two bodyguards,Still restored to the previous state,That kind of thing doesn’t matter how you hang up high,This makes Huang Lei even more puzzled,I really don’t know what these melon seeds are thinking about,Is this time for joking?
“I still said that,hurry up,Don’t waste time here,That will not do you any good,The situation will only get worse,If you want to see your lady suffer any harm,Then always welcome,I can only tell you,You will regret it。”
“This is not a job loss,This will make you pay more for this matter,Don’t worry if you believe it or not, I have already said it,What’s next,What will happen next,It depends on you!”
Huang Lei tried to communicate with these guys again,Only after he finished,I found that the other party still doesn’t look like anything。
he knows,It doesn’t make much sense anymore,It’s like playing the piano,Huang Lei doesn’t plan to continue,He has to act on his own,He has to deal with this matter。
Even think about it,Huang Lei turned around immediately,Keep calling the little girl,I want to notify her in this way,Let her be careful,Besides, I’m looking for where this guy is now,The easiest is of course to go to the hospital to see Zheng Li and Xu Qin。
If you say where the chick will go now,Huang Lei thinks this place is particularly important,Is also the most doubtful place for him。
Huang Lei soon realized that he was wrong,When he rushed to the hospital, he didn’t see this guy at all。
Except to the hospital,Little girl seems to have no other hobbies,Based on his knowledge of chicks。
Huang Lei did not leave the hospital,The hospital is one of the places where the opponent appears,Since Huang Lei is here, he won’t leave easily,He is waiting,Waiting for that guy to show up,That person should appear,It’s a question of time,It’s just that I don’t appear in this place now,It’s more likely to be with the little girl。
This is what Huang Lei is more worried about,Thinking about this more and more,The more he feels that this matter may become relatively bad,And for that guy,Huang Lei thinks it is necessary to understand first,Investigate his identity and background。
This is a certain degree of difficulty for Huang Lei,It’s not something you can do if you want to.,so far,Huang Lei is also a headache,I can’t figure it out,What to do next,How should I find the chick?。
Treat him as anxious,When thinking about what to do next,Finally called,This call is not someone else,It was the chick who came here。

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