But the ancient sea,Let her smile on her face。

“There is a hill abroad,Roai Mountain,Live your old things,Mysterious and http://www.dvjuwr.cn powerful,Once,Later, for some reason,After that, it became the king of chaos.,Is his pass。”
Qinling is awkward。
“Don’t be nervous,I won’t hurt,And say these,What is not to show?。”
Ancient sea,“What is the purpose of practicing??”
Qinling speaking,The ancient sea directly gives an answer,“I want to help summer,right?”
Qinling 心绪 flows,Forced to calm down。
Then I silently silently。
“Make a reason,Total strength,It is already good in the ancient martial http://www.hjbyy.cn arts.,But you should also feel,Summer enemy,Visuality than imagined,Just like today’s performance,It’s still busy,Instead, I dragged it several times.。”
Qinling is gently trembled,Eradication。
But her voice is gradually cold.,“What do you want to say?。”
“I don’t want to help summer。”Ancient sea light channel,“Now I will give a chance,Or,I need help。”
NS2937chapter Grass snake gray line
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NS2937chapter Grass snake gray line,A thousand miles
In summer, I don’t know what the ancient sea and Qinling are said.。
But since that day,He feels that Qinling has become a heavyweight。
He also tried to ask a few words。
But Qinling just smiled and shook his head.。
Summer is not good, continue to ask,Instead, transfer the center of gravity to those words mentioned by Ji Bao bottles.。
Many things are like this,Plan can’t change the change。
Just like this time with Gano。
Two parties conspiracy,Ming Dynasty。
Summer purpose,It is temporarily getting rid of Gano’s entanglement。
At the same time, it will make a contradiction between Gano and the gods.,Divert attention。
Plan is good。
But still speaking a little。
That is the summer himself。
Perhaps in Gano,The gem that is not allowed is very important.。
It is equally important to bring him in summer.。
Summer will not be considered,Gan Cong will directly imprison the brown hair man,And conceal everything。
It is more encouraging and 马 Martin,Want to kill him and then。
Summer is now full of brains,It is the Ji Bao bottle told him a package plan.。
He is obviously feeling,Ji Baotao, this time you have to play a big。
This makes the summer have a variety of view of the Ji Bao bottle.。
In the past,She is in white,White yarn cover,Mysterious and powerful。
Later, identity was exposed,She looks also become ordinary,It’s like an ordinary workplace.。
Every time in the summer,She is all like a elder,It seems clear and cold,The fact is full of care。

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