Walking will come to new,Good product,Will have more avive opportunities,Now the network is so developed,Online shopping,So growing rapidly,Their company’s propaganda has been developed towards the expected direction.,And in the non-stop value。

Blue Xin looked at him confident,I just laughed.,Not talking。
Lu Hao Cheng:“Ready to meet。”
The Journey is immediately turned to prepare。
Lu Haocheng has entered the office with Lan Xin lazy.。
Joe Yi wants to talk,There is no chance,Can only go back to your office to prepare,Recently,She gradually became familiar http://www.pedtm.cn with the progress of the work.。
New product is about to be listed,Blue Xin is also very busy。
Lu Haocheng goes to the meeting,Blue Xin is busy with the piece of Su,Only took Qiaoqiyi to go to the eleventh floor.。
Elevator,Joe Yiyi can’t help but ask:“Blue Xin,When I first arrived at the company, I saw Hao Peng waiting for you on the first floor.,Have you encountered him??”
Blue Xin, I looked at her.,“Um!”
Joe Yiyi listened,Immediate gossip,I am curiously asked if I laughed.:“Yes,What do you say??”
Blue Xin smiled and asked:“Then what do you want him to say to me??”
Joe Yiyi glanced at her:“He likes you before.,we all know,You don’t know if you are alone.,It is also because you like you to come to you.。”
Blue Xin looked at her,Pummy:“So I only ask you.,Do you want him to say something to me??”
Joe Yiyi:“”She knows that she will not ask her.。
Blue Xin looked at her stories,Lip corner evoke a meation,Joe Yiyi this woman’s mind,Can’t hide,After completing the whole, on her face,Her spirit of gossip,admirable。
“Blue Xin,I just worry about you.,Don’t you see comments on the Internet??
You can be difficult to listen to one by one.。”
Blue Xin also knows,Since I have a news with Hao Peng,She became the object of netizens,This thing has been in fermentation。
Lu Haozheng’s reusal fans is even more hugged.。
Even so,She will not let the outsiders see their wolf.。
She is not a wood,Those comments from the wounded people,I will also make her anger,sad。
Can not represent her, she will wait for the other party to give her a deeper bureau.。
“Joe Yiyi,you do not need to worry,I can do your job.。”
Joe Yiyi is a bit unwilling:“Blue Xin,Listen to you so much,It seems that you are still not coming to see the news this morning.,Everyone is questioning the relationship between you and Lu,first,You have no wedding,Two,Lu is only private publicly, you are his wife.,Even a marriage site is not,This makes people believe that you are a couple??”
Blue Xin listen this,Fright,A mat,Actually upgraded to this question?。
Too,This marriage,She is voluntary and a certificate。
A Cheng also said,the end of this year,Owe her,Will compensate one by one。
It’s not far from the end of the http://www.diandianfan.cn year.,But a lot of things,Who knows if there is any time to do a wedding??
“What they love, let them say。”
Blue Xinyi,She is not the woman who must be married to these things.。
Lu Hao Cheng successfully,come back to the office,The Journey to the Journey to hand in today’s news。
“President,I know that you are very loving.,However, many people on the Internet are questioning the relationship between you and the lady.,President, let’s take a look. 。

NS1349chapter:Sun marriage certificate
Lu Haocheng took the plate,Looked an eye today’s news,Look at the question and comment of those netizens,He is eyebrows。
He and the blue are husband and wife,He has already clarified in front of the media.,Now mentioning this thing now,Obviously, it is driving behind the scenes.。
The culprit caused this reason http://www.hrbzgyxy.com.cn is his own,If it gave the bluex proposal and wedding,These pairs of blue damage,Will not appear。
Lu Haocheng looked at the right game,Gaze:“This time,These media rumored,Have no born,Notice Legal Department,Give these media letters。

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