Ask son again:“What you are doing now,How much a month?”

“You don’t understand my job,”Fang Hao said with a smile,“You just need to know that my monthly income is more than 10,000 yuan.。”
“Is it?”Fang’s mother looked at Fang Hao suspiciously。
She knows what her son is capable of,That is to finish high school,Can’t even pass the college entrance examination,No technology,Not willing to endure hardship,More than ten thousand in a month,She thinks there is no such possibility。
Fang Hao smiled but said nothing。
Ye Wenwen somehow understood Fang Mu’s words,Said:“Yes,Aunt,His monthly income has exceeded 10,000。”
They are not deceiving at this point。
Fang Hao’s monthly income is indeed over 10,000。
What I didn’t say is that the number is more than 10,000.,In just a few months,Has exceeded a million in revenue。
I heard Ye Wenwen endorsed,Fang Mu is relieved。
Just ask about Fang Hao’s work,Fang Hao didn’t elaborate,Just to“You don’t understand”Prevarication,Make Fang’s mother a little unhappy。
She even wondered if Fang Hao did something bad,And said:“Five groups of youngest sons of the old Luo family,Follow others to lend usury in the past two years,Income is high,In the second half of this year, debt collection hurt someone,Got caught。And eight groups of Zhu’s eldest sons,Follow others to the tomb,Sentenced to life。”
“Deserve it,”Fang Hao said,“Do those illegal things,One day sooner or later。”
“You didn’t do those illegal things, right?”Fang Mu asked。

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