Thunder to avoid,Try to avoid flash,Really avoid,Directly swaying the sword。

The sky is like a sound of the thunder,As well as。
Talk long,But from the beginning to now,Everything happens within a short time。
More than a dozen breathing before and after。
Thirty-six bucket thick thunder thundered night sky,Along with sound loud sound,Quickly extinguish。
The old man is not a manner,Blood blur。
In a busy schedule,Aerial emergency transformation,Avoid the last thunder。
However, at this time,Shameless,A stiff!He slowly bowed。
“Hen”An iron arrow has been worn by him。
Black arrow flows black energy,Excorpsless high temperature,Bake the wound,And quickly spread to the heart。
The old face reveals the unbelievable look。
He opened his mouth,What do you want to say?,And suddenly turned around,Planted。
Summer is moving,Allowed to catch the body,Revenue must be crystalline。
At the same time, flying the sky,Take a shot of a shot。
NS3384chapter Pursue
When I went out of the summer,There are also countless people to fly in this area.。
So big movement,Half the sky is illuminated,How can I not see?。
Two men rushed。
They are the hand of goat honey。
They are nearest,I saw a flash of electric flash overhead overhead.,Also look at the figure of Goat Hu Lao。
They looked at the goats Hu Laiss,Seeing that he domineers。
Seeing his flesh and blood blur,Desperate struggle。
Seeing him fall from high altitude……Murder!These two people are also anxious from the initial、anger,Be shocked、Be a、Fear。
Especially see the summer shock,When you put the body,The face of the two is white without a silk color。
That is a thrilling。
Do not make jokes。
Even the strong life of life is killed,Hierarchical hierarchy,It’s completely looking for death.。
The two people stop in the middle of the air,And then run。
Summer does not pay attention,Put the speed to the ultimate。
Behind the sky,Moment disappears,Getting a small point in the sky。
This time is really left.。
He is also aware of the power of the martial arts of life and death.。
Although the other party attacked the opponent,However, only the difficulty of understanding it.。
Not to say,He really can resist the strong and dead.。
Four products big bow and combination of four products arrow,Power is comparable to five products,Even the power of the hit of life and death。
There are also modified words,Like this。
But that is, these two stronger secrets and secret treasures,Sneak attack,Can kill each other。

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