Apples bought for thousands of dollars,Tell me you can’t log in to WeChat anymore?Can’t play penguin games?

What an international joke?!
Of course soon,Countless professionals do not know which horns came out,Start to popularize science verbatim to those netizens who are impatient to read the lawyer’s letter……
Then start an in-depth and concise analysis。
Isn’t there a war between the two sides?!
Apple violated Apple’s intellectual property rights because of a software promoted by AppBao,So go to war。
The name of this software is“Second system”,The key point of infringement is that this software can perfectly simulate aIOSEnvironmental second system,And the user downloaded and installedIOSAfter the second system,Can enjoy all the games and apps in the Apple App Store just like Apple users!
So blessed are friends who use Android phones。
An android phone,Experience the different experiences brought by the two systems,Although the software is charged,But there is a one-week free period,And the monthly fee of ten yuan is not high,Very penguin,It’s just a little bit less work,And if you want to experience it, you must go to the app to download it quickly,Because maybe Penguin Group won’t be able to withstand Apple’s pressure later,Removed the software……
follow closely“Huaxia Developer SimulationIOS”Quickly board the hot search on Weibo,To8000Dowan’s heat,Climbed to the second most searched。
But this time the popularity is not only on Weibo。
China’s famous gathering place for Kozhi elements,Millions of users per year,Average level of graduated college985/211,Not at the beginning“People just got off the plane in America”Will be ridiculed is an excellent knowledge sharing software for the hillbilly to enter the city——Know how to call,A question quietly boarded the hot search。
“Apple sues Penguin for hot search software,Simulated in the second systemIOSIs the environment plagiarized??Is it technically difficult??If it’s just plagiarism,Why no similar system appeared before?What impact will it have on Apple?”
A high praise answered as always professional。
“Uninterested!People in Silicon Valley,Just got on the elevator!Simply tried this second system,Similar to the phone clone,The magic point is that it can indeed be perfectly simulated with an Android phoneIOSUse environment。note,Not a simple icon simulation,But it is really usableapple store、iTunes、EvenSiri!”
“Because there is no source code analysis,But irresponsibly recommend the second systemIOSThe installation package must be stolen from AppleIOSsystem,Otherwise it is impossible to do this。The key is,It also involves bypassing Apple’s firmware detection mechanism。becauseIOSIs a closed source system,There must be certain technical barriers to perfect realization。”

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