All waiters in the lobby,All Qi brush。

The looks and bar waiters on their faces have the same display,curious,Examine,ambiguous,admire……
Be right。
Today morning,Miss Miss is proud of the priest……She has completely become a woman!
Not only hotel female staff,Even the people who have also done in the sun and the moon,I want to know that the hero’s good man gave the big lady.。
It turned out that this is……Mammon。
Miss big sorry,Not only handsome, handsome, not only,And temperamentary lever。
“Yes,what happened?”
Summer is naturally spotted,I look down on my body.,It seems that there is nothing wrong with,It is very clear from the eyes of around you.……Be unreliable!
The waiter quickly settled,The eyes of the eye is always inadvertently in summer.,I sent a sighfulness from time to time.。
Summer is more confusive。
I can’t help but ask.,Bar desk is retired to him.,And use very low sound,Truthfully,“Feel sorry,carefully。”
Summer,旋 头。
at the same time,Sound of the right side behind the right side。
Look,Two men and a woman coming。
“Mr. Xia,Hello。”
Young people speak,John twenty five six years old,Wear blue suit,White shirt bottoming,And leave a long hair,Under the body, the temperament of a flying。
And the woman next to him is about two decimal.,Dressed charming enchanting,Before the body,It is high on the eyes of the eyes.,Exviewing summer with a disdainful eye。
Summer frown,“You are……”
“He Yong。”Youth mouth hook faint smile,Refers to the enchanting girl,“This is my sister?。”
“I don’t know you.。”
Summer is still thinking about the waiter just now,Some people are not awkward。
First, a sorry,Then it is be careful……What does it mean?。
“hehe,Don’t know us, it doesn’t matter.。”He Yong smiled,“I am here just to determine one thing.,I heard that you are talking about friends and night.?”
“Do I have a relationship with her??”
He Yong’s face change,The smile on the face suddenly stiff,The scorpion is even more flashing.。
He has known the second night has been many years.,But the other party does not colors he。
Especially in this morning,After hearing the rumors of the second night,He rushed over the first time,I want to determine if it is true.。
Come in this guy’s attitude……Let He Yong is very uncomfortable,Very uncomfortable。
“Mr. Xia,Pay attention to your words,You have to remember,I am released。”
Summer laughs。
In his opinion,This guy should be the second night of pursuit,I don’t know what rumors,Come to find trouble。
Sogniegacy,“Ok,I correct attitude,You’re right,I am now with the second……Night talk about friends,what happened?”

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