So when came to host this show,Are those famous singers willing to compete and sing on online programs?,Is a big problem。

Don’t underestimate,Many singers will refuse for this reason。
If you don’t pay attention,Even if the princess takes the money,I can’t hit a good singer。
At least the queen of heaven、Little queens,It’s not money to come。
First495chapter Two crazy people
Shen Huan pondered carefully for a while,I decided to ask for advice first。
A while ago“Chu Liuxiang”In the event, and the princess did not give Shen Huan much support。
At least the support from the side is not there。
But Aunt Choi Chung Cui is the first one,Expressed his support for Teacher Chu Liuxiang with the strongest attitude。
He is the same as Lai Haijin,No matter how many you abuse and humiliate,Never retreat。
Wait until things come to light,Aunt Choi and Lai Haejin again,It’s like a mad dog,Chasing the Mavericks。
They bring a group of feelings“IQ is insulted”Netizens,Keep going to Xiaoniu film and television,And tirelessly,It really made Wen Fan miserable。
Not just Wen Fan,And chairman Qi Shoujian,I feel a little regret that I provoke Chu Liuxiang,Provoked such two crazy dogs。
Although Mavericks said on the surface,To sue these two men for malicious slander,But in fact they dare not make any moves。
After all, who knows if there is evidence in the hands of the two?
If you wait until Mavericks Film and Television sue them,They changed hands and showed evidence,Do Mavericks want to live??
no way,They can only choose to compromise。
There is no way without compromise。

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