Because I don’t understand the snow,She also looks out,This box is a special。

Want to open,Unless you have to use a special key。
if not,Violent dismantling,On the one hand, it will make a lot of movement.,on the other hand,Way also triggers alarm。
“what to do,I know that the unlocking expert inside the tolerance bureau came over.。”
Unlock expert?
Shen Xuan feels,J。
Shen Xuan’s strength,With a person coming in, you can。
If you bring a person again,It is inevitable that it will be discovered。
so,this matter,Shen Xuan feels,I still don’t want to say it for the time being.。
“I still think about something else.。”
Shen Xuan feels,Discuss this question with Lin Xiaoxue,not too good。
“Rest for ten minutes,Get god-level unlocking skills。”
What really wants to come?,This skill is what you want now.。
Just when Lin Xiaoxue is still anxious here.,Shen Xuan turned and looked at Lin Gangxiao。
“How about it,Is it especially trying to open this box??”
“If I have a way to open this box,How do you thank me??”
Shen Xuan looked to Lin Xiaoxue,Asked the next consciousness。
After all, now,Shen Xuan is really。
But at this time,Lin Wei Xue came to Shen Xuan,Then it is on Shen Xuan’s cheeks.。
This is to see Shen Xuan’s whole person.。
Say,what is happening?
This rhythm,It’s all uneasy.。
Chapter 72th,Thing
“Your man,Don’t you think so??”
“So now,I didn’t do it directly.。”
Lin light snow looks Shen Xuan,Tangible。
Relating the feeling of just now,Shen Xuan felt,In fact, it is not bad.。
But there is something,Shen Xuan wants to add。
Shen Xuan but is different from those debuts.,Shenxuan’s mind,There is absolutely no such idea for Lin Qingxue to do.。
Shen Xuan’s goal,Top more is the home fast and GreenThensemen.。
“Ok,Borrow a hair with a hair。”
Say,No matter what Lin light, the snow is willing to be willing,Shen Xuan directly unplugged a hair。

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