can not tell,Shen Huan is such a handsome boy,It’s so cruel,Just split the tendons。

Little Fatty Uncle Kun thought about it,I still decided not to sign with Shen Huan。
This idea just came up,I heard Shui Qingshan asking,“Xiaohuan,You start like this,Not afraid of accidents?”
“Grandpa taught me this,I can’t keep my hand when I shoot,He also told me not to shoot casually。”Shen Huan’s helpless way,“But today they chased us,I can only defend myself。”
Uncle Kun suddenly got a cold sweat,Secretly rejoicing fortunately that I didn’t fight Shen Huan。
“All right,Water brother,People are bullying,Can’t we fight back yet??Like this kind of scum,Beaten to death!”The handsome man persuaded。
“That is not what i mean,It’s just a bit too scary。”Shui Qingshan smiled,“All right,Let’s not talk about this!Come,Xiaohuan,Uncle Shui introduces you to some of my band partners!”
He pointed at someone and introduced it,“The one with a cold face is called Li Xinyi,Is our bassist。Don’t look at him cold,But back then we were away,It’s all he helped take care of everything。Now he works as a music teacher in his hometown。
This little fat man is called Zhang Kun,Is our drummer,Favorite to join the fun,Now in the drummer studio,Specially teach those elementary school students who like big drums,It’s noisy all day long。
The last one is Lei Daxuan,Our guitarist,Now I opened a convenience store in my hometown,Got married last year,Wife can be called a beautiful and virtuous,As a result, I gave birth to a fat boy this year,This kid is the most blessed!”
“Uncle Yi,Uncle Kun,Uncle Xuan。”Shen Huan greeted Shui Qianyu together。
“do not,do not。”Zhang Kun smiled so that his eyes became smaller,“You are the famous teacher Lu Xiaofeng in our music industry!We should call you teacher!”
“Stop it。”Shui Qingshan kicked him,“Go in and sit,I let the outside chef cook a few dishes,Let’s have a good drink。”

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