Lu Haocheng looked at the west,Ask:“ended。”

Photographer standing on a photo,First answer first:“Continental,Blue and mouth children are very good,The shooting process has always been smooth。”
Lu Haocheng laughed,That is the son of his Lu Haozheng。
Photographer saw his smile,Suddenly, I saw Lu Haozheng as I saw the ghost.。
NS281chapter:Not a person’s biological daughter,Who is the child?

NS281chapter:Not a person’s biological daughter,Who is the child?
In the company,But I have never seen Lu Hao Cheng smile.?
“Lu Shu,Uncle Mu is good。”Blue and blue come out from the makeup,I saw Lu Hao Cheng and Muzi,He laughed very polite to greet。
Lu Haocheng walked over,Take his little hand,Sitting on the sofa,Ask:“Ran Ran,Tired?”
Le Yu is watching,Suddenly I feel that Lu Hao Cheng is really in an ambient and blue.。
Blue sorrow smiled and shook his head,“Lu Shu,Not too tired,Shot has been very smooth。”
Lu Haocheng looked at his tired little face,Can’t help but distressed,This child,Strong is very heartache。
“Ran Ran,Take a while,Call your mother,And your brother,Let’s have dinner together.?”Lu Hao Cheng,He doesn’t want to go back,Just want to be with their mother。
Blueness is just wanting to talk,Sudden,His phone rang。
He looked up,Is a video call for my sister,He looked at Lu Haozheng,Sorry smile laugh。
Going to pick up the phone not far away,Tune the volume,Blue, beautiful and lovely small face suddenly appeared in the screen。
but,Little guy’s expression is very unhappy。
Blue and blue, look at it is your daughter,I am so excited to fly to the opposite side.。
“Hoot”Blue Qiqi suddenly cried。
Blue sight,Fluster,Ask:“Kiki,what happened?why cry?The lower fat man in the community is bullying you.?”
Blue Qiqi quickly wiped a tear,Hand covered a small mouth:“Two brother,The fat man was so sad that I didn’t dare to provoke me.。
Now see me,Walk around the road??
But I change your teeth.,I call my big brother.,Big brother said that I changed my teeth.,Too ugly when laughing,Two brother,You go back at night.,Be sure to give your big brother,He actually said that I am ugly。”
Blue and blue:“Forehead”
He laughed:“Kiki,Change to teeth,Big brother is also changing tooth,Waiting for the opportunity to come back, it is。”Who did he dare??
When the big brother is fine,At home is not a hundred~Ten thousand\Small!Said to exercise,That body is firm?
“Humph!coward,Know you not dare?I started tomorrow.,A total of five days,I will let my grandmother come back with me.,I will come back to revenge hate.,goodbye,coward。”Blue Qiqi finished,Also made a ghost face。
“Uh”Blue sorrowful looking at their small witch。
His sister is so cute!
But this temper,It’s really difficult to wait。
Look,Big brother is going to suffer.。

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